About Us

Founded in New York City in 2012, CandidateBroker is a powerful cloud-based hiring solution designed to make it easy and affordable to find, vet and hire top candidates in any field.

CandidateBroker automatically broadcasts your jobs to 50+ jobs boards, numerous colleges, forums related to your position and even allows you to enter optional video and text questions for your applicants to answer. On top of that, CandidateBroker algorithms and staff members post your job to locations that history has shown receive the best applicants for your particular position.

By combining technology with our hard-working staff members, CandidateBroker is able to find tough-to-reach candidates at a price that's hard to beat.

In June 2014, CandidateBroker joined forces with DataViz, Inc., an industry leading software development and marketing company in Milford, CT. The combination of CandidateBroker's top of the line hiring solution and DataViz's history of success makes CandidateBroker the best choice for reaching top talent.